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Since February 2007 Justin Walker has been living in Banjul in The Gambia.
This is Justin’s Blog.

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Flag and Lion Flag and gambia name


February 07 Sights and Sounds

March 07 Upcountry Journey

March 07 Two Accidents

April 07 Latrikunda

May 07 Church

June 07 Justin’s Work 1

July 07 My Day

September 07 Council Tax

October 07 Weekends

December 08 Justin’s Work 2

January 08 Electricity

February 08 Guinea

March 08 Jarreng

May 08 Livelihoods

June 08 Coast Walk

July 08  Justin’s Work 3

July 08  Thank You

July 08  Saint Louis

Dec 08  West Africa Overland



Where is The Gambia? Satellite Photos and Maps

What is my role in The Gambia? Justin’s Work

Other groups working in The Gambia. Gambia Projects

Read more about The Gambia. Gambia Books

Video Clips relating to The Gambia

A list of Aid Agencies involved in international development.

Information on volunteering, campaigns and resources relating to international development.

Booking a flight to The Gambia. Information on flights to Banjul. Flights to Banjul

Booking a holiday in The Gambia. Information on Holiday Companies, and Advice for Travellers. Holidays

External Links

VSO is an international development charity that works through volunteers. More about VSO Giving to VSO

Other volunteers:
Jon in Ghana
Alicia in Rwanda
Louise in The Gambia

The Gambia Information.
BBC Country Profile: The Gambia

Department of State for Education, The Gambia.
DoSE Homepage

Buy Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance certified coffee from Eve Coffee Co

Do you know the Geography of the African continent? Africa Quiz

What is happening today in The Gambia?
The Point Newspaper

A Children’s Fact File on The Gambia


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